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3M Wired Communication System Model D15, 1-Station

Features touch panel switches, indicator lights for power-on, standby, presence alert, talk and listen, internal microphone for clear voice reproduction. Typical Application; Security windows, security gates or kiosk, convenient order filling, pump island or car wash. Power; 14 VAC @ 12 VA provided by a 120 VAC 50/60 Hz plug-in transformer, 5 watts - talk channel, 2.5 watts - listen channel. Size; 5 in D x 3 in H x 8 in W/ 13cm x 8cm x 21cm.

3M Wired Communication System Model D20, 6-Station

Supports up to six (6) call station application for gas pump islands, menu boards, loading docks, check-out counters, service bays, offices, retail aisles and more.

Features; indicator lights to show calling station, inputs include optional speaker/microphone, telephone handsets. Typical Applications; pumps, car wash, manager's office, menu boards, check-out counters. Power; UL listed 120 VAC 60 Hz plug-in transformer at 14 VAC, 5 watts - talk channel, 2.5 watts - listen channel. Size; 7 in D x 3 in H x 8 in W / 18cm x 8cm x 21cm.

3M Wired Communication System Model 2400, 8 Station

The LCD Readout allows employees to quickly identify where a call is coming from. The Inbound Call Organizing automatically presents customer calls in the order they were received. The Dispenser Zoning provides the ability to organize and identify call stations. You can share call stations between multiple positions and still avoid confusion. Priority Station Programming places priority calls (such as calls from the manager to an employee) in front of other calls. Auto Standby disconnects a station connection if it's left on by mistake. Hold Recall automatically reminds employees about calls left on hold. As your business grows, the system can be easily expanded as well.

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