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Intercom Systems

3M provides clear, quality internal and external communication solutions to all aspects of the food service, petroleum and c-stores industries.

The 3M wired and wireless intercom systems for QSR drive-through, full-service take-out, convenience store communications, as well as many other applications, provide a variety of customizable communications capabilities. 3M intercoms are easy-to-use and deliver clear, reliable communications for increased sales and customer service. In addition, 3M intercoms provide a means of communication to help meet safety and security needs. Examples include: The National Fire Protection Code for self-serve gas stations requires attendants have the ability to communicate with customers at the pumps; restaurant employees being able to communicate with other employees in unsafe situations such as delivering take-out orders, taking out the garbage, etc.; communication at secured delivery doors to help confirm legitimate deliveries.

C-960 ] C-1060 ] XT-1 ] 3M Wired Models ]

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